Iran.tv is the next generation of Iranian market around the globe.

We have many reasons to believe that iran.tv is absolutely necessary for the Iranian market. Below you can read just a few of those reasons: The Iranian segment outside Iran is currently growing fast and their business and cultural needs differ from those of other ethnicities. The number of Iranian businesses registered in Dubai only is 65,000 (according to the statistics released by UAE officials). There are a lot of other Iranian businesses in other regions that need to be exposed to the world market through a famous website. Iranians are becoming more technologically savvy and want more Iranian-specific information.

The number of individuals inside Iran who use Internet on a daily basis is about 15 million according to the Iranian government authorities.

The youth segment in Iran, who are the most likely segment of the population to use Internet, is growing at a very fast pace and is already more than half of the country’s population.

Many foreign companies are trying to reach the Iranian population and businessesand iran.tv can be the best source for information about business in Iran for those companies and individuals.

Currently there is no websites that can offer such business information about Iranians around the world under one name and one website.